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Zeffi Developer

Welcome to Zeffi Developer Portal, where you'll find all information needed to interact with our platform.




Getting started

Get started with the API in three easy steps:

1. Sign in

To sign in to Zeffi:

  1. Navigate to https://zef.fi.
  2. Click Login from the top bar.
  3. Enter your email address and password and click Log in with email or optionally use your Google account to sign in. Note: New user? Click GET STARTED FREE and follow prompts to save your account.

2. Enable API

You can enable the API in the Organization settings - Integrations page by generating an API Token. The API token is needed to use the API, for more info see the API documentation.

3. Access the API

Follow the documentation on this site how to access and use the API.

Need help with API?

We're here to help you get Zeffi integrated with your workflows